How Not to Get a Job

23 March, 2010 at 8:44 am (SuperGay, This Can't Be Good)

This was too good not to share…

A friend of mine was interviewing people for a position in his department at work. He had an interview with one person – and two days later got the following email from that person, via facebook. (note: names have been redacted, and I asked my friend’s permission before I posted this)

Hello Xxxxx!

This is Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx from XXX, we met the other day in the interview. OMGoodness, you know my dear friend Xxxxx Xxxx!!! She was my bestest friend while I was in college… then she had to go and move away ; (

NO, I’m not a stalker, I was talking to Xxxxx the other day and mentioned your name because of the interview and we discovered that you guys are friends.

You and your partner look really good together!!! So handsome. I am gay too, so I just wanted to say….gay high five, and keep up the good work! Gay America needs many more talented, intelligent, super cute representatives!!!!

Enjoy your day!

So kids, let me help you learn what not to do when you want a job:

1. Don’t play the gay card (or the race card, or the religion card, or any other card). You can bond over alma maters, fraternities/sororities, or hometowns. Anything else is pretty much off limits.
2. Don’t email your interviewer on facebook (or any other venue) in a casual, “you’re my new BFF” way. Trust me: he’s not.
3. Never, ever use the phrase “OMGoodness”

And what of the emailer? Let’s just say it really stacked the deck – in the other candidate’s favor.


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  1. jeffreysnodgrass said,

    WOW!! That is amazingly dumb. Thanks for sharing!

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