Keanu Reeves is Immortal

1 December, 2009 at 3:13 pm (Miscellaneous, Strange Stuff, This Can't Be Good)

So there’s a new theory going around the interwebs: that Keanu Reeves, beloved film actor, is actually immortal. Or maybe a vampire. Or maybe both. The proof? Well, here’s part one: Keanu from 1994 looks essentially the same as Keanu from 2008:

But wait! There’s more! Keanu also bears an uncanny resemblance to this man, French actor Paul Mounet, who died in 1922:

I know! Shocking!
And people are going all out with this theory. First, this [short] video:

And then there’s the post by this guy, about how not just Keanu Reeves, but two other actors from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, are also immortal! Of course, George Carlin actually did age, and also died recently (OR DID HE?!) – but who’s counting? Honestly, at first I thought this guy’s blog was a joke, but he seems to be taking it verrrrry seriously. Bogus, indeed.



  1. Michelle said,

    He is actually a REPTILLIAN, like Al Pucino, Swarcheneger, Stallone, The Queen ad Philip, + 1 of her sisters, there quite a few in society, generly 6,2-6,4 in height, whitch like females with high pitch voices and much broader smiles which can be seen through there human mask as being more raised up in the face. Many assistant head school teachers, doctors, and other postions of promince have been filled by these aliens so they can influence our society into the depths of dispair.

    I saw the Queens Reptillian pupils in the black and white Biography channel video wot her and her sister, even when the camera pulled back you could still see clear as day reptile pupils. I saw the 3 BBC Parliment programmes all talking about Reptillians here with us, I saw the ESA’s picture of the Carter Hale. David Icke was right. Divide and Control and Problem Reaction Solution is there methods, they also pervert men and woman in ways that are best not discussed, corrupt people’s eyes flicker all over the place whren their trying to hold onto a corrupt ego and behaving badly towards someone who is being nice.

    Those who can read ego’s best are being lables nutters and destoyed by anti pychotic drugs, read Mad in America by Robert Whiteker, Bad Science Bad Medicine and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill. Keanu even shows us in the Devil’s Advocate what is happening to our Starseeds. Also watch the Men Who Stare At Goats and Ales Jones Martial Law, then you will pick up on many metaphors in the Devils Advocate.

    The Only two presidents to ever say why don’t we print out own money, who are we paying all this interest to were Abraham Linkin and John F Kennedy, and their the only two to ever be murdered. SOmething else you want hear in 99% of documentarys, 18 material wittnesses dies in the JFK investigation, 3 from car crashes, 3 from heart attacks, 3 from something else, 2 from this 2 from that, one even died from a bloody karate chop to the neck for god sake and that’s what Barack Obama is refferring to in his book the Audacity of Hope when he talks about the long knives comeing out when you go against their interests.

    If enough poeple know the truth then we can have a peaceful revolution. Also read this page and spread this excat ifo everywhere, send it to your friends etc, call it mad if you have too but get them informed. If that link doesn’t work then google ET to Earth: Do You Wish That We Show UP? and read link which is currentlt second on raenergy. There are good people like us out there and here too I think trying to wake us up anbd get us to help ourselves. Devote your time and energy to this cause my friend, the world needs you.

    • Mr J said,

      William McKinley was also assassinated. As were 2 others. Wake up.

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