Happy Birthday, Sesame Street!

10 November, 2009 at 12:35 pm (Nostalgia, TV to Watch)

As everyone has heard by now, Sesame Street turns forty today. Whoa. Forty!

Well some of you reading this (namely, those who didn’t know me 27 years ago) may not know this, but I love Sesame Street. As do most Americans, I know. But I have a serious warm spot in my heart for this show. My mother maintains that the show is the reason I was such a young reader; I contend that Sesame Street (plus Richard Scarry’s books) are the reason I always wanted to live in a big city. But I do know that I have a lot of really great childhood memories of Sesame Street – frankly, of a lot of PBS’s childhood programming. Square One! Reading Rainbow! But today is all about the Sesame Street.

So, in honor of Sesame Street’s 40th, I decided I’d post some videos of clips I loved when I watched, nearly thirty (gulp!) years ago (all taken from Sesame Street’s YouTube Page)

How crayons are made (note: I highly doubt they’re still made this way)

A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter

Heeeeere, fishy fishy fishy!

Batty batty bat – I’m not saying that Becky and I stood on our heads and sang along to this song. I’m not saying that at all.

Okay, okay, I could go on, but I’ll stop now. But cheers to Sesame Street – here’s hoping it sees another 40 years! (though by then, I hope Susan, Bob, and the rest are no longer on the Street…)



  1. Rebecca said,

    Ahh..I always loved the crayon one! Maybe orange was ALWAYS my favorite color??? 🙂

    Did we really stand on our heads? lol I don’t remember that at all.

  2. Rosella said,

    Captain Kangaroo was the hero of my childrens lives, but Sesame Street came along when they were pre-teen and they loved it then. Great show and great teachers. Happy Birthday

  3. Lover of hickies said,

    I am both shocked and shattered that you allowed such a gross misuse of the english language on your blog. I believe that the “ly” should have been left off of the serious of warm spot. jus sayin…well, and the obvious one of the typographical error of sesame as the header (however, at the rare chance you were phonetically spelling sesame as you pronounced it as a child, I would give you that one.)

  4. Mom said,

    Catching up on reading your blog – couldn’t help commenting on this one. Sesame Street was a biggie and Gran was right, when we started getting PBS and thus, Sesame Street when I was too old to watch it, I still watched it anyway. I was glad when I finally had children and an excuse to sit with those friends for an hour every day. When I was a kid I also watched “The Electric Company” and “Zoom.” I remember that you also loved “Today’s Special”. Fun memories.

  5. adayinthelyfe said,

    Mike – good catch on both parts. I can’t believe I missed BOTH of those. Gross.

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