8 October, 2009 at 2:32 pm (A Good Cause)

Yes, yes, that’s right – a new post. Things have been crazy hectic lately, but they’re slowing down now, so I hope to have all sorts of new posts soon (Becky’s Wedding! My Birthday! Equality March in DC!)…but not yet. However, I wanted to take a quick minute to post this…

I’ve been on twitter for a few months now (follow me!), which is great for keeping up with news/celebs/random causes/etc. I follow Lance Armstrong on there, and a few months ago he tweeted (I still hate that word) about a little boy named Pablo, and linked to the Pablog. So I went and read. Pablo was five at the time, and was battling cancer; the blog was for updates from his family. I of course don’t know these people AT ALL, but I love a good blog (and Jeff, Pablo’s dad and the site’s main updater, is a good writer). And the story of Pablo sucked me in. I mean, what a cute kid!

Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz

Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz

Shortly after I started reading this blog early this summer, Pablo passed away – he was only six years and six days old. I won’t even get into how unjust and cruel it is that a small child would have to face such a terrible disease; it’s a fucked-up fact of life. The thing is, while Pablo’s family was able to comfortably care for him (his dad is the head of Dangerbird Records), they know that many people are not able to give their sick kids the same level of care. So Pablo’s family, while he was still alive, started The Pablove Foundation to improve the lives of kids with cancer, both in L.A. (specifically to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, which provides care to anyone – regardless of the family’s ability to pay) and nationally.

So why am I writing all this, about a kid and family I do not know? Well, Pablo’s dad is setting out on a remarkable trek – he is about to bike across the United States, from Florida to California, to raise money for The Pablove Foundation. They’re just getting started and pretty grassroots (despite their Lance Armstrong connection), so I wanted to put this out on my blog – if even one person is able to donate to Jeff’s ride, then this was worth my time!

And I promise, more blogs about frivolous topics soon 🙂

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  1. Rosella said,

    obviously a good cause. Kids should not have to suffer, especially without funds to have proper care. Strange thing is, they do it better than grown ups.

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