Well, maybe 10 things YOU didn’t know…

8 September, 2009 at 10:38 am (Music, The Beatles, Trivia)

In honor of Beatlemania Redux, The Mirror has gathered up a list of “Ten Fab Facts You Didn’t Know About The Beatles“. Let’s be frank – they weren’t all things I didn’t know. I knew 5 – but not 5 of the others (number 7? About Cher? I didn’t have a clue about that!). But my favorite fact that I learned is this:

2. At 2:58 in Hey Jude Paul McCartney can be faintly heard saying “Oh, fucking hell” after he made a mistake during the recording of the song

You know I pulled out my phone to listen to the song as soon as I read that – and yes, you can hear it. Isn’t it crazy that you can have heard something, well, god only knows how many times, and still not have heard everything?

Listen for yourself…this isn’t the real video for the song, as that version doesn’t include the slip-up.

(not the greatest quality audio…)



  1. Karen said,

    Hmmm. Jeffie says there’s discussion of a blow job on “Oh, Darling.”

    • adayinthelyfe said,

      No way! Where?!

  2. Karen said,

    While McCartney is wailing, “Well, ya know, I nearly broke down…”
    Lennon is ad libbing, “Well, ya know, I need a blow job …”
    Not sure exactly where. Ever since he told me that, it’s all I hear at every instance.

    • adayinthelyfe said,

      Interesting! You know I’m listening to it as I type this lol

      This kind of like where, on “Day Tripper”, they say “She’s a big teaser”, but apparently ad lib and sing “She’s a prick teaser”. And now that’s all I hear, too.

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