It’s Beatlemania Here on the Blog!

8 September, 2009 at 10:21 am (The Beatles)

Tomorrow, 9/9/09, both The Beatles: Rock Band and remastered editions all of The Beatles albums will be released. Woo! It might not be quite as big as 6/1/67, but it’s up there. So, in honor of that – and because I have to make due with not buying Beatles: Rock Band just yet – I’ll be posting beaucoup Beatles this week!



  1. Mom said,

    I’ll contribute to the “Get Joey The Beatles Rock Band for her birthday” fund. Maybe you’ll come up with some other donors. Then you just have to worry about the game system and the television.

  2. Rosella said,

    That will be a good bd present. count me in.

  3. adayinthelyfe said,

    hahaha if I had the game sitting there staring at me, it would be all the motivation I need to get a tv and a Wii. I think I can eat ramen for a month so that I can buy everything and not break the bank…

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