Find Evan Ratliff

20 August, 2009 at 6:05 pm (Miscellaneous)

Okay, Wired Magazine has an unique “open source” game going on – they want you to find one of their writers.

Evan Ratliff

Evan Ratliff

Evan Ratliff wrote a story for Wired about people who choose to “fall off the grid”, to disappear (it’s an interesting read, and you can do so here). So now, as a sort-of companion piece to that story, Evan himself is disappearing. For 30 days (August 15-September 15), Evan is going to leave behind his home, family, friends – everything. The challenge is to find him; if you do, you get $5,000. And that’s Evan’s motivation for staying hidden: if he’s found, then $3,000 of the award money has to come out of his own pocket, from his fees for writing the story.

So what’s really interesting is that the magazine is hosting the ‘hunt’. They’re helping provide clues (though nobody at the magazine knows where he is, either), the sort of things a private investigator would have access to – credit card purchases, license plates, etc. The challenge is for others to investigate and find more info. The whole thing is fun – well, to me. I’m a big nerd. But really, it’s pretty interesting – and completely original.

So! Want to follow along? You can here:

– The original post about this ‘game’ : the blog about the search – a blog someone else set up
– On Twitter: @nxthompson, @EvanOffGrid, and @EvansVanished

Have fun playing detective 🙂



  1. Find this man, win $5 grand « Leo Burnett said,

    […] the folks at Wired are keeping a blog with updates.  And there’s some more info about Ratliff’s motivation here.  With only 19 days left, time is running out… good […]

  2. Matt Katz said,

    So Evan,
    Did anyone find you?

    Matt Katz.

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