Things You’d Rather Not Happen on the Train Ride to Work

24 June, 2009 at 11:04 am (Miscellaneous, This Can't Be Good)

This morning started off so-so. I had one of those unfortunate incidents where you get to the platform right as your train is pulling away. No biggie; this is what headphones are for. So I listen to “This American Life” and wait. And wait. And finally, a C train comes.

I get on the train for my (normally) short commute to work. The episode of TAL was finished, so I moved on to playing Tap Tap Revenge (there should be a whole other blog about that game; it is awesome). Problem number one comes when we get to 72nd Street: we sit at the station forever. Do I care? No. I’m tapping away to “Tripping Billies” (seriously, this is the best iPhone game ever). We finally move…and end up stopped on the tracks between the 72nd and 59th street stations.

At this point, something occurs to me. A couple of days ago, as we all know, was that horrible Metro accident in DC, wherein the front car of a moving train rammed into the last car of a stationary train. So as I’m sitting in the last seat of the rear car of an unmoving train – I realize that this is probably not the smartest place to sit. Whoops.

The train finally starts moving again, and we get close to 59th Street. I’m engrossed in my game, but then realize I smell smoke. Quite a bit of smoke. And I am now thinking not “um, this train could totally be rear-ended” but have moved to “oh crap, I think the train is on fire.” Turns out I was wrong – the fire was actually at 59th Street. We stopped at the station, and it was creepy: firefighters and police officers walking around, but other than that the station was EMPTY. (note for those that don’t know the NYC subway system: 59th Street on the A/C/B/D/1 lines is typically really busy, especially during the morning commute). The conductor of the train told us that the train was halted due to “Smoke and police activity at the station”. Riiiight. Still no clue what happened there.

But I finally made it to work. Safe and sound, though it took me 35 minutes instead of my usual 15. At least I got to the office before 10:00.

Though I think from now on, I’ll be sitting towards the middle of the train.


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