3 June, 2009 at 7:43 pm (Funny Stuff, Miscellaneous)

Back at the turn of the century, in the glory days of my youth (i.e. Freshman year at TU), there was a popular website called TheSpark. And no, youngsters reading this, I don’t mean sparknotes. That was an offshoot of TheSpark, not the main attraction. In fact, SparkNotes are what killed TheSpark: Barnes & Noble bought SparkNotes, and along with it the rights to TheSpark and all its contents – and then cut the good stuff out completely (and also effectively killed off Cliffs Notes, it seems).

But I digress.

The reasons we went to TheSpark were twofold. One, for its quizzes (Kristen, I know you remember the Purity Test!). Two, for it’s “scientific” research. In the days pre-blog and pre-reality show, these things were hilarious and different. But that’s all long gone now…OR IS IT?

That’s right, thanks to the wonder of the internets (and about 3 minutes of googling on my part), I’ve found the spark, archived forever on the internet! The quizzes are no good anymore, but the articles are still there – and they are still fantastic. So, the TheSpark, circa 2001, can now be found here:
Focus on the “scientific” articles. Good times.



  1. Kristen said,

    You know, I saw the title of the blog and thought to myself…”Hmmm, I wonder if Joey will mention the purity tests?”, and three lines later, I found my answer 🙂

  2. adayinthelyfe said,

    Damn right I did! So what did you make, hmmm? 🙂

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