I’ve Moved!

31 May, 2009 at 8:33 pm (Miscellaneous, Weekend Update)

Okay, honestly? I don’t have a lot of time to blog right now! I’m busy trying to unpack…but I also promised that I would blog again before June 1st, so there you go.

I’ve come across an interesting dilemma: having room for furniture (finally! If you’d seen my former room, you’d understand). The dilemma being that I haven’t a clue what to buy. Like, what do I really need? Right now, I’m going with bookshelves. Eventually I’m going to buy a TV, and then I’d want somewhere to put my DVD player and movies…but then again, that could wait awhile. In the meantime, should I just leave a big gaping space in my room? And what’s the best way to organize my rather sizable closet? Agh! I don’t know how to live with SPACE! It just…feels…so…strange…

Okay, so back to listening to Garth Brooks and unpacking for me. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of the view from my apartment (if you’re facing Southeast, that is):




  1. Rosella said,

    Hmmmm bookshelves sound like a good idea. Then again, how about a chair? Or a table? Or another bookcase? Or a desk? I think we have run out of room…

  2. Rachel said,

    Space? You have extra space?! I’m very excited to see this place. We’re coming to get you on Friday, right?

    • adayinthelyfe said,

      I know Gran and Mom will be here…not sure if you’re coming, too….because Granddad might want to come…and we ALL have to make it back to NJ…

      • Rachel said,

        Grandad has opted out of the NY trip, I think, so you are stuck with me. Hah!

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