The Oklahoma/Texas Recap – FINALLY

27 May, 2009 at 10:16 pm (Travel, Weekend Update)

Okay, so a month ago I left for a 10-day trip to Dallas, Waxahachie, Duncan, and Tulsa. I have yet to blog about this trip. In fact, I have yet to blog about anything, really, since that trip! I don’t know what my deal is. I guess I go through blogging phases. Sometimes, I share every damn thing I find on the interweb on this site…and then sometimes, all of a sudden three weeks have flown by and I realize I haven’t posted anything. Such is life, I suppose!

I could blog about my trip now, though I’m not sure it really needs to be done at this point. And yet… so here it goes. The highlights:

1. Hanging out with Kristen in Dallas First on my trip was seeing Kristen! She was kind enough to pick me up from the airport, and then we spent the day together. Plus, I finally got to eat at her father’s fabulous Italian restaurant in Arlington…I’ve been hearing about the place for a decade now! Totally lived up to the hype. I also had the “pleasure” of helping Kristen create paper turtles…it had something to do with keeping kindergartners from going postal. Also, Dr. C_________ (no last names in this blog!) has asked me to be in her wedding, so I’ll be making a return to Dallas next spring, complete with bridesmaid dress. Stay tuned for that…

2. Hanging out with Leslie in Waxahachie It’s okay if you don’t know where Waxahachie is; I didn’t, either. Leslie has been one of my best friends for nearly 15 years now, and is pregnant with her first kid, so I had to make time to spend with her! In fact, the timing of my visit had a lot to do with her – going during this time meant I could go to her baby shower. Yay! But before that, we had a lot of good downtime in Waxahachie. I don’t get to see Leslie enough, and I doubt she’ll be visiting me anytime soon…but I can’t wait til her little boy is born! The ‘nephew’ will make up for less Les time in NYC 🙂

3. Hanging out with family in Duncan Since I’ve moved away from Oklahoma – holy crap, I just realized – that was THREE YEARS AGO TODAY! Weird. Anyway…since I left Oklahoma three years ago, I’ve made 4 trips back, but typically stuck to Tulsa during those visits; family in Duncan was often neglected. I promised myself that this time, I would spend quality time with the fam! So that’s what I did. And it was a good time! Baked cake with Gran, watched movies with Dad, dinners with Gran and Granddad – it was nice. Also, while I went to Duncan I got to attend Leslie’s aforementioned baby-shower. I won’t lie – it was a little foreign at first. It was held at a Baptist church, and (save Leslie’s family), most of the other attendees weren’t really chummy with me…BUT! I didn’t go there for them, I went there for Leslie (and for myself!) and it was great to be a part of it. Honestly, Leslie cracking up at me picking “engorged breasts” during a pregnancy-themed Memory game almost made the entire trip worth it!

4. Hanging out with friends in Tulsa Though I tried to make this trip more SW-Oklahoma centric, I realized I couldn’t be in that part of the world for 10 days and not make a trip to Tulsa. And frankly, spending more than 72-hours straight in Duncan makes me a little nuts. So to Tulsa I went! This time, I had the luxury of a car – the first time since I moved (THREE YEARS AGO!) that I’ve been able to drive myself around. It was great! I got to see [the outside of] Karen’s new house; discovered that Tulsa has an actual, almost-Chinatown-ick-worthy Asian Market; ate a fanfuckingtastic meal with Mike in Utica Square; lunched with Christopher and realized that Halim & Mimi’s (or whatever it’s named now) is just as good as it used to be; attended a drag show at Renegades and discovered that, save Catia, it’s nowhere near as good as it used to be; and got to do a game night with Karen and Mike (I almost won Phase 10, damnit!). It was a pretty great time.

5. Hanging out with Lyndsie in OKC This was brief, but memorable. Why? Well first of all, Lyndsie is pregnant! That’s right, both of my BFFs from high school are pregnant with their first kids at the same time. Crazy! Lyndsie is just now hitting 12 weeks, so I’m [fairly certain] at liberty to share this news widely. Anyway, we hadn’t been able to see each other much in Duncan the previous weekend, so I stopped in OKC to grab lunch with her on my way from T-Town to Duncan. It was excellent to see her again, though it didn’t feel so long since I’d seen her, since she and Kevin (her husband) came to visit me in October. What made this leg of the trip even more exciting? The driving tribulations I had to endure: I was stopped in traffic on the turnpike driving to OKC (good thing I paid all that money for the privilege of going 20 mph!), and after being made to stop without warning was almost rear-ended by a semi (it was fishtailing and burning rubber on its tires. Not cool). I finally made it to OKC and had lunch, and while driving back to the highway was stopped in a neighborhood, “city-within-a-city” in OKC called Nichols Hills, whereby I was given a $79 ticket (okay: I was driving WITH THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC, I live OUT OF STATE, was going 37 in a 25, and was pulled over 20 feet away from the 40 mph sign. COME ON). Left the officer, continued on my way to Duncan, and as I was entering Duncan, had an old man pull out in front of me, while I was going 60 on the highway, and was (barely) able to swerve and miss him. I was SO ready to get back to NYC by this point. But I couldn’t yet, because I still had one last bit of my vacation to go…

6. Hanging out with Brent in Dallas
My flight back to NYC was leaving from Dallas (I bought my roundtrip, NYC-Dallas flight, for $140! I KNOW!), which would’ve been fine – except I was suddenly without a way to get from Duncan to Dallas. I ended up taking Amtrak (yes, they have trains in that part of the country. Barely), and made it there earlier than planned. Once I arrived, Brent came and picked me up, and we were off. He lives right by Dallas’s gayborhood (Oaklawn), so we lunched there, then did the uber-nerd thing and saw Star Trek. On IMAX. On opening night. Yeah, I know. But it was awesome! Totally worth it. After that, back out in Oaklawn. We went to Sue Ellen’s, the one lesbian bar I know of in Dallas, and I was able to meet up with a girl I know there, someone I’d met 2 1/2 years earlier at an Indigo Girls concert in SF (random!). The next day Brent made me a hungover breakfast, and then drove me to the airport.

So, that was that. My Oklahoma/Texas adventure. It really was a great trip – but a lot of traveling-while-traveling, which meant I returned from vacation pretty damn tired. As soon as I returned, I had to jump straight into apartment hunting…but I’ll cover that in another blog post 🙂 (and I swear, it will be posted sooner than June!)



  1. Mike Wise..Dr. Wise if youre nasty said,

    well, i really would have re-enjoyed the “you know where youre going if you dont change” bloggable moment on this blog.. but perhaps it was not meant to be.

  2. Mike Wise..Dr. Wise if youre nasty said,

    uhm, i just realized i had my wrong email on here..weird.

  3. adayinthelyfe said,

    hahaha I came thisclose to blogging about that…then decided it would be too serious on the blog. I try to keep things like that from happening 🙂

    • YOUR going to hell said,

      At least you know where you’re going. :o)

  4. Rosella said,

    Well, it’s about time. I am glad to know what you did while you were in and out of here. So glad to have you anytime you can stand it, but understand the 72 hour thing. I feel the same way!!

  5. Your favorite gay Texan said,

    Wow. That made me tired just reading it. Man, those Star Trek kids were cool…

    • adayinthelyfe said,

      You mean the gay ones right behind us in line? They weren’t cool, you just wanted to bone them. Don’t lie.

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