On Why Some Conservatives Should Learn To Use “The Google”

13 April, 2009 at 7:02 pm (2M4M, Civil Rights, Funny Stuff, SuperGay)

Exhibit 1: Teabagging So as you may have heard, some people will be participating in Tax Day Tea Parties on April 15th. Frankly, I’m not exactly sure what they’re protesting (and I’m not the only one who is confused). However, before the actual protests on the 15th, they’re building up to this by sending individual tea bags to The White House…something they’re calling, um, teabagging*.
Rachel Maddow hilariously goes over the whole teabagging debacle…

I love how she can’t stop laughing!

Exhibit 2: 2M4M Remember just a few days ago, I posted that video that the National Organization for Marriage made? The hateful, lie-spreading ad? Well, that same organization decided to start an initiative – the Two Million For Marriage initiative (and let’s be clear: they mean marriage only for straight, seemingly Christian folks who can have their own biological children. But I digress). Anyway, they have this initiative, but they decided to call it by the acronym 2M4M. Uh oh.
See, for a very long time, “M4M” has been personals-ad speak for “man for man”. Therefore, it could be reasonably assumed that 2M4M would be two men looking for a third… and yet, somehow, nobody – nobody! – in the NOM realized that their proud new acronym had a decidedly pro-gay slant (and pro-gay in the most tawdry sort of ways). And regardless of that, nobody in NOM thought to register the 2M4M url!!
Once again, Ms. Maddow:

Talk about your PR faux pas.
Well, luckily, a fast-moving individual registered 2M4M.org, and has set it up to mean Two Men For Marriage. Kudos to Christopher (the guy who started the site). And then Robert got the idea that we should start a facebook group to support the site, and so we did. So, if you’re on facebook, join our group. And don’t forget to check out 2M4M.org!
*If you don’t know what teabagging means, you might want to check out Urban Dictionary…I couldn’t bring myself to define it on here. My grandmother reads these posts, for godsakes!



  1. Tara said,

    tee(bag)heehee. i can’t stand rachel maddow but even i was laughing along with her on these videos!

  2. adayinthelyfe said,

    You don’t like Rachel Maddow?!?! Tara, say it ain’t so!!

  3. Tara said,

    ‘Tis so. I’m sorry but I cannot tell a lie! I don’t like Keith Olberman either. Are we still friends?

  4. adayinthelyfe said,

    Maybe. Just a little 😉

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