Improv Everywhere Goes International

10 April, 2009 at 10:17 am (Funny Stuff, Miscellaneous, Music)

This is the happiest (and most fun) video I’ve seen in awhile. As a friend pointed out, it features German, public, impromptu dance numbers set to Julie Andrews music – how can you not love that?!

Now, I can’t be certain, but I know that the Improv Everywhere based here in NYC has inspired lots of groups around the globe. And this video certainly looks like their work.

And, for anyone that thinks all big cities are evil and all small towns are good – this is further proof that’s not true. So they can suck it. 🙂



  1. Rachel said,

    That seriously just made me so happy.

  2. adayinthelyfe said,

    Right?? I’m not going to lie – I got teared up the first time I watched it. I’m turning kind of lame in my old age, though…

  3. Rosella said,

    That was so great. If I had been there I would have been dancing!! What fun there can be in the world. I seriously applaud that group for the work they do. They must all be therapists!!

  4. Rachel said,

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who teared up! I can admit it now that you did. Apparently I have early onset lameness.

  5. Mom said,

    I teared up too! (I was trying to hide it though). I want to be someplace were everyone breaks out into a dance. I’ve always wanted to live in a musical!

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