A Storm is Coming…

8 April, 2009 at 1:03 pm (Civil Rights, SuperGay)

a storm of lies and misrepresentation! This is the new ad from the “National Organization for Marriage” I won’t link to their site, though I’ll post to the HRC’s End the Lies site.

Okay, first of all: Jesse Jackson already has a Rainbow Coalition, and you ain’t it. Also, rainbows are pretty gay. Just saying.

But the real issue here is that this ad is using ridiculous fear tactics (shocker!) and saying things that just aren’t true. Granted, a few – a very few – activists may have gone too far after Prop 8 passed…but other than that, these stories are stretching the truth at best, and outright lying at worst. Yes, as new laws come about, there might be rocky patches as we’re adjusting as a society. But, by bringing equality for all, the freedoms for anti-gay marriage people are not being taken away. Freedom means we’re all free, kiddos. (if you’d like a break down of each of the lies here, Dan Savage has it over at The Slog)

Anyway, the greatest video is the one that my friend Amelia posted on Facebook. The doctor and guy from New Jersey, and others, featured on that video? All actors. And here’s their audtion:

I can only imagine the direction they were given to recite these lines!


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