This Guy is “Special”

16 March, 2009 at 2:56 pm (Funny Stuff, SuperGay, This Can't Be Good)

Okay, normally I would not post a video of such a nerdy guy…land this guy is PAINFULLY nerdy. It’s too easy of a joke; it’s trainwreck-bad. You want to turn it off, but you just can’t… Anyway, I’m posting because this guy is going on about how homosexuality is wrong (note: Leviticus only talks about men, so I am guessing lesbians are a-okay?)…and then segues into a bit about how he’s going to stop online-dating, and just hit on women in person, with tips from a book he read that was written by a kid. Really.

If being heterosexual means that I could date hot men such as this…well, I’ll stick to the ladies, thanks 🙂


1 Comment

  1. Your favorite gay Texan said,

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LOL. Too much. So he says I shouldn’t sleep with a man in the same way I would sleep with a woman. Hmm…definitely not a problem! Joey, please date him. “I am the lord your god.”

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