Supplying Slang for the Next Generation

26 February, 2009 at 3:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Jeff Snodgrass and I have been published! Well, sort-of…we have a definition in Urban Dictionary. Technically, Jeff came up with the word and definition; I just supplied the example. But since I want to get this in wide circulation, I decided to post it to the blog…spread the word! And it is…drumroll please…bang-famous

1. bang-famous – adjective.

The method by which a person gains notoriety or fame by having sexual intercourse with one or more already famous A, B, C or D-list celebrities. This is usually obtained by producing an intentionally leaked “sex tape” with said established celebrity.
Ex: Heather Mills-McCartney is the most bang-famous, one-legged, former model ever to come from England.

by Jeff Snodgrass Feb 12, 2009

Bang-famous, indeed.

Bang-famous, indeed.



  1. jeffreysnodgrass said,

    Whoa!! When I first looked at this photo you posted I totally thought it was a picture from Madam Tussauds Wax Museum. SCARY!!!

    Bang-famous, indeed.

  2. Lyndsie said,

    I have shared your fabulous word with others. It’s a huge hit. Hours have been spent thinking of all the people who fit this definition.

    We also came up with another word that you are welcome to steal. It could be a sub word or something. Bang-Comeback. Think Nick Lachey(?). Need I say more?

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