Bobby Jindal = Kenneth the Page

25 February, 2009 at 1:21 pm (Funny Stuff, Politics, President Obama, This Can't Be Good)

Okay, I’m a busy girl at work today and so I haven’t yet blogged about Obama’s speech to the joint session of Congress last night. I honestly don’t know that I will…so quickly, I will say that I thought it was fantastic (big surprise there), and was impressed at the number of Democrats and Republicans that applauded during the speech (these things are usually more party-centric, or so I’m told; I haven’t been able to sit through one since around 2001. Not because I refuse to listen to Repubicans – but I couldn’t STAND to watch G.W. talk. That smirky, shit-eating grin! But I digress…)

Last night, the GOP response was given by Bobby Jindal. Now, I don’t know much about Bobby Jindal, other than he is the governor of Louisiana and has had his name thrown around as a possible candidate in 2012. But last night? Definitely not the best response ever. Perhaps it wasn’t a true reflection of himself or his typical style… but yeah, not great. But what I didn’t even pick up on, until it was pointed out today at HuffPo, is how much he sounds like Kenneth the Page (from the show 30 Rock). Check it out for yourself!


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  1. Mom said,

    The reason you gave for not watching GW’s speeches (“That smirky, shit-eating grin!”) is the same reason I couldn’t watch Obama’s – only it was because of Pelosi. Could someone put a bag over her head next time…please?

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