OMG! Is my man gay??

23 February, 2009 at 4:11 pm (Funny Stuff, SuperGay, This Can't Be Good)

Okay, so you know how Google automatically populates ads on websites? Ads it thinks will be applicable to you, given what page you’re on? Well, earlier I was reading an article on the International Herald Tribune’s site (that’s the global NYT). The article was about how more people go to evangelical churches when the economy is bad. Anyway, to the right, I see this Google-sponsored ad:
Is Your Husband Gay? Test Your Husband with this quiz & see if he is gay or not
With a link to this quiz included.

Okay, so the fact that this ad was linked to this article in particular was pretty funny – but the fact that the quiz even exists to begin with is fairly hysterical. I immediately shared it with Lyndsie, one of my favorite straight marrieds, and she took it for her husband. She doesn’t know if he’s gay or not (you have to share your email address to get the results, and she said no way. Smart lady.). But the questions and answers…my god, they’re hilarious. Like this one:

Which of the following compliments is your man most likely to give you?

_You smell good
_You look beautiful
_I’m lucky if he notices me
_Those shoes really set your whole outfit off
_Nice shirt
_Is that shirt from Prada’s spring line?
_I would look so great in your blouse

So cliche! So faaaaabulous! Really, you should go through the test just to see the questions and answers they give. It’s a riot.

And in my opinion: if you have to take an online test to find out if your spouse is a closet homo, there is something already really wrong with your marriage. Just saying.


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