Less Than 24 Hours to Go…

19 January, 2009 at 1:51 pm (2008 Election, Barack Obama, Historical Figure, Politics)

In less than a day, eight long years will FINALLY come to an end and Barack Obama will be president! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.

In honor of this, and because I’m choosing to be optimistic today, I’m going to post one of the best speeches Obama did during the nearly two years he was campaigning. It, surprisingly, came on a night he lost (in the New Hampshire primaries). However, it’s a great speech, a testimony to what an amazing orator he is. (you may recognize this speech; it’s where Will.i.am’s “Yes We Can” song came from).



  1. Mom said,

    Way to go Joey. You had to go and jinx the guy so his oath of office was a bit rough. (But that was mostly the other guy’s fault so we won’t hold it against him)

  2. Rosella said,

    And now it is done. I am glad to see people your age get excited. erhaps the world can be turned around and your futures will be as bright as mine was at your age. Hang in there with him and be a useful and helpful citizen.

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