Spectacle with Elvis Costello

17 January, 2009 at 7:54 pm (Miscellaneous, TV to Watch)

As most of you who actually take the time to read this blog may recall, I went to a filming of the show “Spectacle: Elvis Costello With…” last fall. The episode I went to had Rufus Wainwright and Renee Fleming as the guests. Well, that episode was finally televised this week. A couple of things of note:

1. Rufus’s interview seemed a lot more coherent through the magic of television editing.
2. I have been half-watching (it’s been on, but I’m washing dishes and things while watching), and so thus far have only seen myself on the program once, for about 1/2 second, laughing. That’s right, I’m practically a celebrity. Truly, it’s more screen time than I got from any of those Comedy Central shows I’ve seen filmed!
3. Renee Fleming was completely cut from this episode. I just checked, and they made her have her own episode (it’ll be broadcast on January 28th). They didn’t do such a great job of editing that, though: at the beginning, Elvis introduces Rufus as “his first guest tonight”. Whoops.

So, whenever there is video available on YouTube of this particular episode, I’ll post it. (if you’re curious, the Rufus episode broadcasts again on 1/18 at 2:00am. I’m sure you’ll stay up to watch it). And don’t forget to check out the show yourself, Wednesdays at 9:00 ET on Sundance. If you actually get that channel.


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