It’s December!

2 December, 2008 at 9:09 am (Christmas!, Music)

Though yesterday was one of the warmest we’ve had in the city lately, it was also the first day of December! Moreover, it has been a week since the last Christmas post. So you know what that means…

This week: the tale of how wonderful songwriters can go terribly, terribly wrong. As anyone who is taking the time to read this post likely knows, I like The Beatles. And by “like”, I mean “love deeply, and far more than someone should love a band that broke up ten years before their birth”. Well today, I have videos from two former Beatles. One, a beautiful, timeless Christmas song. The other, carnage that was a result of an unkind decade.

First, let’s go with the bad. Let me first say that Paul McCartney has, was, and always will be my favorite Beatle. He has the best voice, and I like his songs the best. Plus, he’s the dreamiest. But the 1980s were unkind territory to Sir McCartney. After rebounding nicely from the Beatles break-up with a band called Wings, Paul ventured more and more into what can only be described as ‘crap’. Though he’s redeemed himself since the end of the Reagan era, his mistakes live on through the magic of the internets. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you: “Wonderful Christmastime”

*yes, this song is technically from the end of 1979 – but it was very 80s sounding. also, I’d already worked my 80s angle before I realized that

Now the good news – not all Holiday tunes by Former Fab Fourers sucked! Though the tragedy of Mr. Lennon’s assassination removed him from the 1980s, and any mistakes he may have made therein, he regardless penned a much better tune than Paul. John Lennon recorded one of the best modern Christmas songs with that crazy woman to whom he was married. The resulting song is still [sadly] relevant three decades later. Boys and girls, please enjoy: “Happy XMas (War Is Over)”

*this video is a bit of a downer, but it certainly carries across the song’s message



  1. Rosella said,

    Gee, where did I go wrong. And what is wrong with that song? In the late 70’s and early 80’s he wrote some good music. I suppose it was his tribute to old people during those years, because I liked them best.

  2. Mom said,

    I love both of those songs. Paul’s was fun and cheesy, John’s was somber and beautiful.

  3. Mike Wise..Dr. Wise if youre nasty said,

    I’m still telling your mom that you called the mormons on me. that’s right, keep that seat in hell reserved.

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