A man, or not a man

14 November, 2008 at 1:17 pm (Music, SuperGay, Survey!)

A certain Robert C. tells me that the video for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” features a man in drag. I’m not so convinced…I think it’s just a mannish-woman. He offers this site as proof. So what do you think? (and regardless, this video is still pretty damn hot)

NOTE:This video is protected or something, and won’t embed, but you can (and should!) watch it here



  1. Rebecca said,

    “In a black and white tone, Knowles is performing as her alter ego Sasha Fierce. It shows her in asymmetrical leotard and high-heels, with one female and one male dancers. ” Wikipedia says it is!

  2. adayinthelyfe said,

    Haha yeah, wikipedia NEVER lies… 😉

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