There’s been so much to blog about lately

3 November, 2008 at 12:31 pm (2008 Election, Miscellaneous)

Random Monday out drinking too many vodka tonics with Robert…Lyndsie and Kevin’s trip to NYC…my work trip to Philly…Halloween with Brent…marching all over Harlem…

However, doing all of the above has ended up with me not having time to blog. And now I’m so in uber-election mode, it’s ridiculous. So I’m not sure if/when I’ll blog about the aforementioned things…hopefully soon! With photos!

Until then, I’m going to try and GOTV for Obama (that’s Get Out The Vote)…and then there’s the big election party Tuesday night…so then there will be even MORE to blog about Wednesday…

Let’s just say that I have two full weeks (and weekends!) coming up that I’m actually here in the city – I’ll get all nice and caught up, blog-wise, then!

In the meantime, here’s a photo of everyone’s favorite dog (besides Welling) enjoying a midday cocktail:

Tucker Loves a Tequila Sunrise. Or Two.

Tucker Loves a Tequila Sunrise. Or Two.



  1. Rosella said,

    Somehow I missed this blog in Nov 08 but I want to say that I believe 2 Sunrises are one too many for a little dog. I would like to volunteer to assist him in his work and help him avoid a hangover. Please call the next time he has a hankering for 2 drinks when he clearly only needs one!!!

  2. adayinthelyfe said,

    hahah I’ll be sure to pass that along, Gran!

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