Obama Tax Cut Calculator

15 October, 2008 at 12:55 am (2008 Election, Barack Obama, Politics)

The Obama/Biden campaign has a new site:

You enter in a small bit of information, and it tells you how much your taxes will go down under his plan (and what they’ll look like under McCain’s as well). Yes, this is a very simplified formula – but it still gives a picture.

And if anyone is curious, I’m saving $500 with Obama, $0 with McCain.


Here’s the Tax Calculator, embeded!

[clearspring_widget title=”Obama Tax Calculator Widget” wid=”48f203eebb67a86f” pid=”48f5f427ba941a03″ width=”190″ height=”510″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]


1 Comment

  1. Mom said,

    If I vote for Obama and don’t get the tax cut, will you pay me the $1,000 I’m supposed to get? Supposedly I’ll get $355 more than if I vote for McCain so I might be convinced if I’m at least promised that much. No, wait, I forgot there are other things to consider. Darn, I really wanted the money!

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