John McCain Saves the Day

26 September, 2008 at 6:49 am (2008 Election, Politics)

…though it might be helpful if he knew what he was saving:

[Majority Leader John] Boehner and McCain discussed the bailout plan, but Republican leadership aides described the conversation as somewhat surreal. Neither man was familiar with the details of the proposal being pressed by House conservatives, and up to the moment they departed for the White House yesterday afternoon, neither had seen any description beyond news reports.

[McCain Ally Senator Lindsey] Graham conceded the group knew little about the plan the nominee had come to Washington to try to shape.

The rest of the article, from the Washington Post, is here

But what I REALLY want to know is: do I still host my debate watch-party tonight?



  1. Rosella said,

    Have the party and if they don’t all show up, appoint someone to fill in for him and give the answers for him. Should be fun!!

  2. jeffreysnodgrass said,

    My dear Joey,

    When in doubt, always go for the party. Life is short.

    Now that it’s after the fact and the debate is back on, it looks like everything’s comin’ up Joey!

    Have a great weekend!

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