The Weekend That Was

25 September, 2008 at 2:13 pm (SuperGay, Weekend Update)

Since the new weekend is about to begin…I figure it is high time that I wrote about last weekend! But to start to talk about last weekend, we have to go back even further, to the weekend before that

See, the previous Sunday (nearly two weeks ago), I was at Robert’s apartment. We were going to look at something on his computer, and so he opens it up, and I see his homepage (iGoogle). On this homepage is a calendar. And on this calendar, a reminder: “Mike Wise Comes to City”. This reminder was scheduled for the next Thursday (which was last Thursday).

Why is this interesting? Well, I had no idea Mike Wise was coming to the city. That’s right: with one quick, accidental glance, I had ruined a surprise that had been in the work for months. Damn. See, the thing is, I love surprises. I would be lying if I said I didn’t suspect this visit was coming…but I was far from sure, and didn’t want to know. But now, I knew. Robert didn’t realize I’d seen the reminder, so I just went back to what I was doing. Later that night, though, I decided to come clean. I’m a terrible liar, and I knew that if I walked in on Thursday and tried to act surprised, everyone would be able to see right through me. So we were at the bar…

Me, to Robert: So, what are we doing with Mike on Thursday?
Robert: (totally playing it cool) What are you talking about?
Me: When he gets here, what are we going to do?
Robert: (still playing it cool) What do you mean?
Me: I saw your calendar.
Robert: (freaking out) Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

So, the jig was up…with Robert, anyway. The plan had been for Mike to fly into NYC and be waiting at Robert & Kevin’s when I went over for dinner Thursday night. Instead, we decided that I would leave work early, and be waiting when Mike arrived. Mwahahahaha.

So Thursday rolls around…and Mike arrives! Yay! Because of me trying to mess with Karen, he realized on the way to the apartment that I’d figured it out…but he didn’t expect me to be there waiting. At least I got that in! We had a lovely dinner at Robert’s that night, and some super-limey drinks, and stayed up way past Mike’s bedtime (a lack of sleep was to become a theme for Mike that weekend).

Friday, Mike and I woke up (or I did – Mike didn’t sleep so well) and headed out into the city. We had 7 pound burritos for lunch, and then walked down to midtown to hit up a couple of shops on Madison. After a little shopping, across Midtown to Blockheads, home of the $3 margarita. This should have been a good thing – Mike wanted to start drinking with lunch (lush), but I convinced him that we should get these cheaper frozen beverages instead of overpriced beer with our meal. Things went wrong, though, when we decided to add a flavor to the margarita. I went with strawberry; you can’t go wrong with strawberries, limes, and tequila! Mike added…banana. Artificial banana flavor into a frozen lime margarita. Does that sound like a good idea to anybody? Well, it did to Mike. Did it taste good? No. Not even a little.

After finishing (well, Mike didn’t finish his) our drinks, we went back uptown to play a card game at Robert & Kevin’s, then back up to my place to get ready for the evening’s festivities. We ended up going to a notsogreatbutprettydamncheap restaurant, and then out to a couple of homo bars in Hell’s Kitchen. Nothing too crazy, and we were home at a fairly respectable hour. Which was good, because the next day, we were leaving for Fire Island.

It was decided that since: A) The weather was supposed to be perfect Sunday; B) Mike has been to NYC lots but never to Fire Island; and C) I had been expecting to go to Fire Island for ages (that’s how they’d gotten me to take days off work), we would all go to Fire Island for the weekend. It was pretty typical of a weekend at Fire Island: lots of drinks, plenty of sun, and a bit of time in the woods.

Pretty Sunny and Warm for the Last Day of Summer

Surprisingly Sunny and Warm for the Last Day of Summer

Mike took pictures on the island, though he is not in any, because he doesn’t do that sort of thing. However, good for me, because up to this point I’ve had none. Anyway, after two days of hanging out in The Pines, we headed back to Manhattan.

Once we got back to the city and went on a futile search for cheesecake in West Harlem, Mike left to meet up with another friend of his who lives here. They went to some private club in the Meatpacking District – more posh than any place I’ve ever been here, to be sure. The next day, after lunch, Mike headed back to Oklahoma. Somehow, his trip to the airport, which should have taken 20 minutes, took an hour and twenty. I’m still not sure how that happened, but he made it in time for his flight (though just barely). After he left, I took Tucker, Robert & Kevin’s puppy, for a walk in the park. (I miss my dog and live vicariously through theirs, okay?)

Adorable? Absolutely.

Adorable? Absolutely.

While we were in the park, two things happened. One, these kids were playing in the woods. The kids told me (didn’t their parents tell them not to talk to strangers?) anyway, they told me that they were there as a group of home-schooled kids. They ask if they can pet the dog, and I say yes, because he’s friendly. The kids were holding large sticks that were scaring Tucker a bit, and I said as much, and the kid replied, “They’re not sticks, they’re foam swords.” Home-Schooling + Foam Swords = A Person Who Is Ruined Socially Before The Age of 12.

The second thing that happened was weird…this two-year-old kid was running around. By himeself. Far, far away from his parents. He wasn’t even running – he was standing at the top of a hill, on the first step of a very tall staircase. I asked another guy if the kid belonged to him, and he said no, and that guy started yelling for the mom or dad…and a woman comes running up from, oh 50 yards away. Maybe more. Um, parents? Don’t let your kids run around Central Park alone. Especially those that cannot yet form sentences. That’s not okay.

So, that’s that! This weekend: birthday festivities, and another Monday off. Sweet.


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  1. Rachel Lynn said,

    Their dog is super-adorable. I’m jealous.

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