17 September, 2008 at 4:01 am (Miscellaneous)

Well, this sucks.

Last night, I went to bed early [for me]…I was in bed at 10:30, asleep by 11:00. Fantastic. I knew I had a long day at work Wednesday and needed to be in early, so this was a good start.

Or so I thought.

At 1:30 am I awoke for no apparent reason – and was WIDE awake. I lie in bed. I tossed and turned. I flipped the computer on, checked the usual sites, then shut it back off. Lay back down, more tossing and turning, and now…

it’s 4:00 in the damn morning. And I am still wide awake.

Ah, cruel temptress

Ah, cruel temptress

My alarm is going to sound in two hours time. So at this point, assuming I actually were to fall back to sleep (highly unlikely), I’d be in a nice, deep sleep when the alarm went off, and probably wouldn’t be able to get OUT of bed.

Yes, I know – this is not the end of the world. But I have a million meetings at work tomorrow, on top of a few projects I need to finish up before my “vacation” this weekend…not to mention errands I wanted to get done after work (who needs a new outfit for their birthday? That’d be me).

So, I’ll stay awake. Then at 3:00 this afternoon I’ll hit a wall, and probably drink way too much coffee. But that’s what it is there for, right?

When I was searching for a photo of a bed, I came across this site of modern beds. Interesting. Or at least, it is at 4:00 am.



  1. Jennifer said,

    I am there with you! I woke up about the same time here…I wonder if there is something we both should know, but don’t 🙂

  2. Rosella said,

    I was awake at 3CDT, so I think it is in the barometric pressure..maybe the moon tides would be more interesting. Wish you had room for that bed!!

  3. Rachel Lynn said,

    I’m sure you’ve already seen this (it’s like a week old), but just in case:

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