Are you fat because you’re a lesbian, or are you a lesbian because you’re fat?

15 September, 2008 at 1:46 pm (Funny Stuff, SuperGay)

Little Britain USA premiers September 28 on HBO. Same day that Dexter’s third season begins on Showtime. Since I’m too cheap to pay for either of those channels, I won’t get to catch them until they’re on DVD in a few months. However, the US version of Little Britain seems pretty promising (especially after a disappointing third season of the show in the UK). The ‘sneak preview’ is below…enjoy!

Later, I’ll likely post about the weekend…but for now, back to work. Such is life.



  1. Rosella said,

    Neither, thanks!

  2. jeffreysnodgrass said,

    Season three was pretty bad. I don’t even think I got through the whole thing. It felt so uninspired. I’ve watched some of the clips from HBO on You Tube. I’m not quite sold yet. I’d heard they were not doing the show at all anymore. I guess that may have changed if HBO threw a bunch of money at them.

    Btw, I’m too cheap for either of them as well. I’m just now getting ready to start season two of Dexter.

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